"As a self employed carpenter who plays part time rugby, I was aware of the impact an injury or illness would have upon me and my families income. I always ran the risk and had that attitude ''it won't happen to me". However a friend of mine pointed me in the direction of Matt Collins who had helped him get his Income Protection in place. After our meeting, Matt suggested a provider that would be best for me and I was happy with my monthly premium. Low and behold after 1 month of the policy being in place, I cut my badly cut fingers at work. Having a manual job meant I needed 2 months off work. Without having my income protection in place i'm not sure how I would have coped to pay the bills. I highly recommend Matts approach."

Lee E - Carpenter - Plays Rugby

"Whether it was by luck or a stronger force, being contacted by Matt Collins was the best thing that happened to me this year. I have been a self employed personal trainer for 8 years and have never once considered having any income protection even though I am a father with a mortgage on a single income. I was contacted by Matt, usually I ignore messages from people I don't know but his professional and no hassle approach ended up with us having a conversation and before I knew it I was covered if I ever had to go off once sick from work. Only 5 weeks after speaking to Matt I ruptured my Achilles playing a football match which led to me having an operation and being off work for 4 weeks. With no savings and not being able to work I was fearing the worst. I contacted Matt and he explained the procedure of claiming.

Within 2 weeks of sending back my form to the insurer I had the money in my bank and with no stress or hassle. I honestly can't thank Matt enough for contacting me that day as this year could have turned out very different. I would recommend Matt and his services to any self employed person with no protection."

John K - Personal Trainer  - Plays Football

"I took out insurance to protect my wages at work with Matt. I had no sick pay with my job so I though it was the sensible thing to do as I have a young family and we simply would not cope without my income. I was hoping to never use the Cover as I saw it as peace of mind for me and my family. A month after taking out the policy injury struck. I twisted my ankle ligaments badly and could not walk. I total I was off work for 2 months and was able to pay my bills and outgoings because of the insurance policy. I found the claim process simple and no hassle at all. Thanks Matt we were able to pay the bills and maintain our lifestyle even when life through this curve ball at us. I would recommend Matts clear, honest approach to everyone."

Chris O - Civil Engineer  - Plays Football

"Matt helped me get cover for my injury cover in place for loss of earnings if I was unable to work, I appreciated Matt giving me a number of options and i made a decision on what option i liked the idea of. I never wanted to use the policy but after only having the policy for only 1 month, I had a freak accident at work. I fell off a ladder and required surgery on my injured shoulder. Being a plasterer I knew I was going to require time off work and I am so grateful that I was sensible enough to get my cover in place"

Callum L - Plasterer - Plays Rugby

"Matt approached me as he knew through mutual friends that I was a self employed plumber. After our meeting he shown me some cover options and before I knew it I was covered. I never intended to use the policy but it was good to have the peace of mind. After I twisted my ankle on a night out with friends I feared the worst. I contacted Matt straight away who helped me with the claim process and received weekly payments right up until I was fit enough to return to work. Matt has also helped me and my partner with our joint life & critical illness policies which we are both delighted with. Thanks again Matt"

Tim H - Plumber - Plays Football

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