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It is estimated that only around 30% of people in the UK have life insurance, equal to around 20 million people, 8 million households and 1.1 million mortgaged properties.

*Source Yu Life

You never know what’s around the corner.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to stop worrying about what’s in store for us and our families in the future?

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Our protection services

Here at Umbrella Financial, we can help you put together a package including a selection of the following so that you can be protected from all of life’s eventualities:

Income protection insurance will pay you an income if you are unable to work due to an accident or injury, Income protection insurance covers you 24/7. Whether you are employed or self-employed this type of coverage is key for ensuring you project yourself with a financial safety buffer.

You never know what the future holds, but you can make sure your loved ones are taken care of in case something happens. Life assurance helps ease financial strain when someone dies and it is important for everyone to think about how they would cope with paying bills if this were to happen;

  • Could my family afford mortgage payments or childcare costs?
  • Do I have life insurance so that everything will be ok financially after my death?

Designed to pay out your chosen amount of cover if you're diagnosed with a specified critical illness that is covered during the length of the policy. It can be added when taking out life insurance, at an additional cost and we never think our health will take us off guard but it does happen suddenly without warning - life happens!

Love playing football, rugby or something else? Injuries can be a serious issue for amateur and semi-professional sportspeople. If you get hurt, your life might change drastically because of the injury - you may lose income or not be able to work anymore! However, there is an affordable insurance option to help make up for some of these losses. It's great for people on tight budgets and can payout cash lump sums if someone gets injured playing their sport or pastime of choice.

You can enjoy peace of mind and continue to pay your essential outgoings each month, even in the event that you become unemployed or redundant. This Payment Protection Insurance is optional but highly recommended for people who want to maintain financial security when they need it most!

Aimed at higher-risk professions, Personal Sick Pay Insurance pays out a proportion of your gross monthly income if you’re unable to do your own occupation due to any illness or injury. If limited/no sick pay entitlement is present for this coverage option can step in and replace lost earnings while too ill or injured so as not disrupt essential household affairs like paying bills on time every month

Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance is a great way to protect your financial future if you ever find yourself unable to work. This sort of cover provides additional funds to pay mortgage repayments in the event that an injury prevents one from working, and it’s available on mortgages just like any other type of insurance! Mortgage payments are by far our biggest investment-so why not have protection?

Once you’ve moved in, it could be wise to protect the building you have purchased and the items inside it. The same can be said if you are renting also.

Landlords insurance is an essential product for landlords, providing them with peace of mind and protection from damage or loss. It can help you to rebuild after a disaster has occurred by protecting your property and contents whilst also giving legal liability cover so that any claims against the landlord will be met without difficulty

The family income benefit policy provides cover on death if you die during the term of your contract. Instead of receiving an initial lump sum payment, it gives regular set payments (income) for the remaining team of the policy. An attractive and cost-effective alternative to regular term life insurance.

Private medical treatment can provide a number of important benefits. The options for going private are diverse and include avoiding long waiting periods, receiving second opinions on treatments from the NHS that do not satisfy your needs or standards in regards to effectiveness for whatever condition you may have at hand.

Business protection, or business life insurance refers to a group of policies that can protect your company when times get tough. Things you need to think about are; protecting against death for key people in the organization including employees' families as well as their own.

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Recent Feedback

"Within 24hrs my claim was being processed"

Matt was a massive help, brilliant service from day 1. Called him after I had my accident and within 24hrs my claim was being processed. Would highly recommend them for anyone looking for income protection cover.

George Brimson


"The easiest and stress-free experience"

I contacted Beth for income protection and it was the easiest and stress-free experience. Beth is so lovely to work with, her explanation and breakdown of everything and knowledge are second to none. I can’t thank you or recommend you highly enough! Thank you so much.

Dave Griffiths


"Chris made what is normally a really stressful process feel easy and straightforward."

We have just received our mortgage offer and can not thank Chris Collins enough! Chris made whats normally a really stressful process feel easy and straightforward. Chris maintained a friendly, helpful and proactive service from start to finish. We would not think twice about contacting Chris in the future to help us with any other mortgage-related matters. Thanks again.

Penny Bell


"When I needed to claim everything was done smoothly with no fuss."

Matt was faultless through the whole process, he was absolutely outstanding. There was no pushy sales pitch, he advised me on products suitable for my circumstances whilst keeping them within my affordability. I have had my policy for two years (income protection and fracture cover due to rugby) and when I needed to claim everything was done smoothly with no fuss. I had my dislocation payout within 5 working days of claiming.

Luke Myatt


"I can't thank you or recommend you highly enough"

I contacted Beth for income protection and it was the most easy and stress free experience. Beth is so lovely to work with, her explanation and breakdown of everything and her knowledge is second to none. I can't thank you or recommend you highly enough. Thank you so much!

Amy Meah



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