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*1 in 6 people in the UK are unlikely to pay off their mortgage by the time they are 65, and part of this is down to being on the wrong rate with the wrong provider. Here at Umbrella Financial, we want to avoid that happening to our customers at all costs.

*Source Jon Purnell

People all around the country are overpaying on their mortgages right now.

To avoid becoming another one of those people, check-in with us at Umbrella Financial, where we’ll put you on the right track to the best rate for you.

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Here at Umbrella Financial, we can help you source not only the best rate but the right lender and product to suit your needs and circumstances.

If you ever need an injection of cash in life, remortgaging your house can provide those funds. Speak to the team to find out what rates and level of savings you are entitled to.

Moving house can be one of the most exciting experiences in the world. Don’t let it become ruined with the wrong mortgage lenders, rates or mortgage product. Talk to us

Perhaps the biggest step towards financial autonomy is to buy your first house. Make it right, at Umbrella we got you covered!

A buy-to-let mortgage is a great way to finance your investment. If you plan on renting out the property, most lenders will prefer that their customers use this type of mortgage instead of standard residential mortgages for purchases made in order to avoid potential problems such as negative equity when trying to rent them back later down the line.

Shared Ownership is about giving people with limited funds the opportunity to be part of this growing community. Shared ownership gives first-time buyers and those that don't currently own a home an affordable way into owning their own property. Got questions? Speak to us.


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Recent Feedback

"Chris made what is normally a really stressful process feel easy and straightforward."

We have just received our mortgage offer and can not thank Chris Collins enough! Chris made whats normally a really stressful process feel easy and straightforward. Chris maintained a friendly, helpful and proactive service from start to finish. We would not think twice about contacting Chris in the future to help us with any other mortgage-related matters. Thanks again.

Penny Bell

"The easiest and stress-free experience"

I contacted Beth for income protection and it was the easiest and stress-free experience. Beth is so lovely to work with, her explanation and breakdown of everything and knowledge are second to none. I can’t thank you or recommend you highly enough! Thank you so much.

Dave Griffiths

"When I needed to claim everything was done smoothly with no fuss."

Matt was faultless through the whole process, he was absolutely outstanding. There was no pushy sales pitch, he advised me on products suitable for my circumstances whilst keeping them within my affordability. I have had my policy for two years (income protection and fracture cover due to rugby) and when I needed to claim everything was done smoothly with no fuss. I had my dislocation payout within 5 working days of claiming.

Luke Myatt

"Within 24hrs my claim was being processed"

Matt was a massive help, brilliant service from day 1. Called him after I had my accident and within 24hrs my claim was being processed. Would highly recommend them for anyone looking for income protection cover.

George Brimson


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With the wrong mortgage plan or provider, you might jeopardise yourself by overpaying and becoming part of the 1 in 6 statistics. But with Umbrella Financial on your side, you can take advantage of a FREE mortgage consultation!

We assist individuals from all backgrounds, and our invaluable service has aided numerous clients in reducing monthly payments, while also saving them hundreds or even thousands of pounds in customary professional upfront fees.

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