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Writing a will may not be the most exciting thing you'll do, but it will be one of the smartest.

Skip the jargon and avoid legal barriers to ensure that your assets only fall into the right hands.


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*There are over 31 million adults in the UK currently at risk of dying without a will. That’s over 1 in 2!

*Source Unbiased

Any of the following errors could occur when writing a will. Have you considered the chances of these?

Paying out your assets to the wrong beneficiaries.

Using an invalid witness.

Failing to mention specific family members.

Entering unnecessary and lengthy probate.

Our will writing & estate planning services

A will should be on everybody’s to-do list, so at Umbrella Financial we appreciate that different circumstances will require various levels of protection and flexibility. Below are the areas of will law Umbrella Financial can offer you.

The classic definition of a will. How your property is divided after your death, and to who!

Power of Attorney is a legal document where one person (the donor) gives another person the right to make decisions on their behalf. Setting one up early in life can help ensure that this does not happen, as it's essential for mental capacity purposes.

Health care advance directives are legal documents that communicate a person's wishes about health care decisions in the event they become incapable of making those choices themselves.

A designated beneficiary is the person who inherits an asset after another's death. The most common type of designation occurs where some sort of retirement savings account or life insurance policy has been set up with them as one recipient, ensuring that this individual will be cared for financially in case something happens to you!

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Errors in a will can cause all kinds of legal problems that your family may have to deal with long after your death.

Worst still, failing to write your will could result in your assets being removed or transferred into the wrong hands.

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